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if you would like to seek permanent resident status in the united states, commonly known as having a green card, there are a variety of visas you can apply for. the immigration attorneys at the federal practice group can help you figure out which visa is right for you, guide you through the appropriate forms and procedures, and represent you at any and all interviews and hearings required by the department of homeland security (dhs) and united states citizenship and immigration services (uscis).

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u.s. immigration law allows for a limited number of individuals to qualify for a permanent resident visa (commonly known as a green card) every year based on employment. however, immigration law is extremely complex and usually difficult for the layperson to understand.  the immigration attorneys with the federal practice group can help you determine if you qualify for permanent resident status, and if so, help you navigate the forms necessary to apply for the correct visa.

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choosing the correct visa

the united states employment-based visa system contains a variety of classifications.  while most employment-based visas are granted through the eb-3 process, there are also visas available for investors, religious officials, medical professionals, scientists, and individuals who are highly accomplished in their chosen field.  our attorneys will begin by helping you figure out which visa is right for you.

guiding you through the process

as your application proceeds, our attorneys will guide you and your employer through the forms and procedures necessary to complete the sponsorship process, including the foreign labor certification and filing of the petition.   during the process, we�ll keep you up to date on the timeframe and status of your application, as well as advise you of anything you can do to improve your chances.

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if you�re a foreign national with family members living in the united states who are either u.s. citizens or lawful permanent residents, it may be possible to obtain a family-based green card depending on the nature of the relationship. parents, spouses, and unmarried children under the age of 21 received the highest preference and can usually obtain green cards within one year of submitting their application. other applicants, such as the siblings or the adult/married children of u.s. citizens can also obtain green cards based on the family relationships, but the process may take longer.

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temporary solutions for earlier reunification

in certain situations it is possible to obtain temporary visas for the family members and fianc�s of u.s. citizens while the family-based green card application is being processed under the legal immigration family equity (life) act.

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united states immigration allows u.s. citizens to obtain visas for their fianc�s and their fianc�s children. once a fianc� visa has been issued, the couple has 90 days to get married following the arrival of the non-citizen fianc� in the united states.  due to the fact that the fianc� visa has been used to illegitimately circumvent immigration law by individuals in the past, the process of obtaining the fianc� will require you to prove that your relationship is authentic and legitimate in nature.  in addition to advising you through every step of the fianc� visa process, the attorneys at the federal practice group will help you prepare for the interviews by briefing you on the questions you�ll likely be presented with.

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the united states issues a limited number of visas to foreign-born doctors every year, allowing them to qualify for medical residencies, fellowships, and perform patient care.  while visas for medical professionals are similar to other visas, there are some important exemptions and waivers which apply, including an exemption from the foreign labor certification requirement for medical professional who have been licensed through certain foreign professional programs.

there are 3 visa classifications for doctors:

  • h-1b visas for foreign doctors
  • j-1 visas for foreign doctors
  • j-1 visas for foreign doctors
  • permanent residence for foreign doctors

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the united states also offers visas to professional educators, scientists, and researchers.  such visas are available to individuals with advanced degrees or exceptional ability in their fields (eb-2), as well as people who have proven themselves as being in the top of their field (eb-1). if you meet the threshold requirements to qualify for an eb-1 or eb-2 visa, the process of obtaining can be significantly expedited.

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there are two types of visa available to foreign nationals of a treaty nation to enter into the united states for the purpose of carrying out substantial trade between the united states and the treaty county (e-1) or investing in a business in the united states (e-2).

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